Gummies for Valentine's Day or any day. From cherry pectin nonpareil hearts to jelly fruit slices, and Jelly Belly raspberry hearts.

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Gummies for All Occasions

Visit our full-service Candy Boutique! Discover why we are the trusted source for high-quality products. Not your typical grocery store candy, we carry confectionery favorites from retro candy and gummies, to licorice and gourmet chocolate. Choose Bath Sweet Shoppe and you know you’re choosing the absolute best for you and your family.

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Gummi Lobsters and Sour Gummi Lobsters

Regular fruit flavored gummi lobsters or some with a sour kick.

Jelly Fruit Slices

A wide variety of flavors including watermelon, orange and raspberry.

X's and O's Gummies

A fun way to show your love on Valentine's Day. It doesn't always have to be about hearts.  

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Jelly Belly Red Raspberry Hearts


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Swedish Fish

Gummi Blocks

Sour Worms


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