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Maine Themed & Seasonal

Spring is coming, and Easter and Passover will be here soon. Time to start thinking of chocolate rabbits, foiled eggs, chocolate covered matzah and gummi and marshmallow kabobs!

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Seasonal Treats

Visit our full-service Candy Boutique! Discover why we are the trusted source for high-quality products. Not your typical grocery store candy, we carry confectionery favorites from retro candy and gummies, to licorice and gourmet chocolate. Choose Bath Sweet Shoppe and you know you’re choosing the absolute best for you and your family.


Milk Chocolate Covered Jordan Almonds

A favorite, crunchy almonds coated in Marich's milk chocolate and covered in a colorful candy shell.

Vegan Bunnies!

Vegan milk chocolate bunnies from Lake Champlain.  Smooth milk chocolate made from oat milk, these popular sitting rabbits are smooth and perfect for those who are dairy sensitive. 

Dutch Mints

Crunchy, chocolate and a hit of mint. You can't eat just one.  Fun pastel colors, they are the perfect after dinner mints or a great treat all by themselves.

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Peanut Butter Pals

Fun Easter and spring shapes, these milk chocolate chicks and bunnies are filled with smooth creamy peanut butter.

Easter Pectin Jelly Beans

We have diverse flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans but the pectin Jelly Belly's are special.  The pectin is gelatin is plant based versus the animal based gelatin most products use.

Foil chocolate eggs

Classic. It's not Easter without quality milk or dark chocolate foil eggs.

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Caramel Minuets

Creamy milk chocolate foiled gold coins for good luck on St. Patrick's Day. Though you might feel lucky to have these coins any day!

Caramel Pals

Dark chocolate bunnies filled with creamy caramel.

Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Kabobs with rabbits and chicks, flowers and Easter eggs.

Maine & Seasonal: Products
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