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Join us for the holidays. We have Hanukkah chocolate, foiled Santas, presents and lights, and Christmas malt balls. And don't forget  the perennial favorite, peppermint bark. And so much more.

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Seasonal Treats

Visit our full-service Candy Boutique! Discover why we are the trusted source for high-quality products. Not your typical grocery store candy, we carry confectionery favorites from retro candy and gummies, to licorice and gourmet chocolate. Choose Bath Sweet Shoppe and you know you’re choosing the absolute best for you and your family.

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Hanukkah Discs

Enjoy these beautiful foil milk chocolate discs as the Festival of Lights begins the evening of December 10th.

Mug Buddies, a New Tradition

 Mug Buddies are handmade, Maine produced cookies, that literally sit atop your mug of steaming cocoa, coffee or tea. With delcious flavors like dark chocolate cinnamon, gingerbread, orange spice and more, they come in shapes like snowflakes, cottages and lobsters. 

Christmas Kabobs

Snowmen,  Santa and reindeer shaped gummi kabobs make great stocking stuffers.  

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Sugar Plums 

by Jelly Belly

These sweet fruit flavored gummies are a perfect Holiday treat.

Chocolate Covered Cranberries & Blueberries

Sweet dried blueberries covered in exquisite dark chocolate. Tart dried cranberries covered in a rich dark chocolate.

Christmas Deluxe Mix

by Jelly Belly

A fantastic mix of foiled chocolates, mint cremes, Christmas malt balls, Mellocremes in assorted shapes, Dutch mints, Jingle bell jells, and red apple and green apple Jelly Belly beans.

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Satin Mix

An old fashioned favorite, the satin mix is colorful, with different shapes and flavors.

Chocolate Filled Straws

A childhood favorite for many, these multi-colored hard candies wrap around a chocolate center.

Chocolate Candied Almonds

Chocolate coated almonds covered in colorful candy coating.

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Peppermint Bark

Rich dark chocolate layered with white and finished with crushed peppermint candy.  Peppermint bark is a Christmas tradition.

Peppermint S'mores

Graham crackers and marshmallows covered in milk chocolate topped with peppermint candy pieces.


Foil wrapped milk chocolate shaped like classic Christmas lights.

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Foiled Presents

Milk chocolate shaped like Christmas presents.

Lobster Pops

Fun Lollies shaped as quintessential Maine Lobsters.

Foiled Santas

Essential stocking stuffers, mini foiled milk chocolate Santas.


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